Sunday, October 22, 2006

Putting Patients First

Putting Patients First: "There is little disagreement that our health and medical care system is in need of fundamental reform. But what should be the first step?
The National Health Council, an organization representing all segments of the health care community to improve the health of all people, believes meaningful reform must begin with patients and their families -- empowering people to play an active role in promoting health, preventing disease and managing their own health care decisions. Further, the Council believes adoption of, and widespread access to, personal health information technology (PHIT) is the logical starting point. Among other things, PHIT enables the documentation of an individual's complete, lifelong health and medical history into a private, secure and standardized format that he or she owns and controls, but yet is accessible to legitimate providers day or night from any location."

Makes sense ! We need to start with a PHR so patients are in control of their healthcare !

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