Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Get on Board the HealthTrain

Get on Board the HealthTrain: "Social media has changed the face of healthcare communications. No longer is online health and medical information coming only in a one-way direction from 'official and approved' gatekeeper institutions to consumers. Technology and new online tools are facilitating the sharing of information between health providers and consumers, consumers and consumers, and providers and providers (got that?). This creates a new set of concerns about the accuracy of information being shared and privacy issues, but it also offers new opportunities to reach people in ways that was not possible before the advent of blogs, social networking sites, podcasts, wikis, message boards, videocasts and other peer-to-peer services.

Dmitriy Kruglyak of the Medical Blog Network and the upcoming Healthcare Blogging Summit has coordinated a large scale collaborative initiative to propagate a vision for how internet communication can change and improve the healthcare system. This HealthTrain Manifesto (based on the model of the seminal Cluetrain Manifesto) seeks to begin a conversation within the healthcare industry on how to best take advantage of the new opportunities these tools represent and how to minimize any potentially negative effects of this 'open healthcare' approach.

Download and read the HealthTrain Manifesto (pdf). "

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