Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Personal Health Record

My Personal Health Record: "Keep Track of Your Health Information Easily

* Do you sometimes forget the date of your last pneumonia vaccine or when your son had his last tetanus shot?
* Is it hard to remember all of the medications that your parents are taking?
* Would you like to have one place to keep track of health information for yourself and your loved ones?

On our secure, confidential site, My Personal Health Record, you can create, store and update health information for you and your family, free of charge.

And your information is confidential: Only you can access it, unless you choose to give permission to another person.

You can access it when you’re at

* Home or work,
* Your doctor’s office,
* An emergency room, or
* Anywhere with a computer and internet access."

I am very pleased to see that this hospital is offering a free PHR to everyone who visits their website. This is a clever idea - and is a value-added service patients will appreciate !

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