Sunday, October 15, 2006

Take your doctor with you !

Take your doctor with you ! : "PlanetHospital, which helped Mr. Hulmes with his trip, caters to nervous patients with a service called “the best of both worlds,” in which American doctors travel with patients overseas to perform surgeries and then handle follow-up care back home. PlanetHospital’s price for a heart valve replacement in India with an American doctor is $11,000. That includes the doctor’s malpractice insurance as well as airfare and hotel for both physician and patient. The surgery typically costs about $55,000 in the United States. PlanetHospital now offers it to insurers, which can offer it to employees. The first patient has signed up for the service, and PlanetHospital’s owner, Rudy Rupak, expects more to do so soon. “I can give you a familiar doctor and suddenly it makes it affordable,” Mr. Rupak said. “Your geography changes but everything else stays the same.”"
And your doctor gets a free holiday in the bargain !

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