Friday, October 27, 2006

Ignoring the failures of alternative medicine - Second Opinion -

Ignoring the failures of alternative medicine - Second Opinion - "So-called “dietary supplements,” such as DHEA, saw palmetto and chondroitin, present the biggest problem. Marketers often sell them under the guise of a mom-and-pop alternative to big pharma. Yet the $29 billion-a-year dietary supplement industry wields such power that it got Congress to pass a law in 1994 that basically frees it to peddle almost anything that doesn’t kill people with claims of medical benefit that need not be proven.

No doubt some of the thousands of products sold as dietary supplements work well, but the industry that sells them has neither motivation nor desire to know which ones work and which don’t.

Neither do many of those who advocate their use, such as the guru of alternative medicine Dr. Andrew Weil."

This is exactly the problem with alternative medicines being promoted for promoting fertility, such as Ovulex ! They don't work - and no one cares ! The occasional patient who gets pregnant after taking Ovulex ( or inspite of taking it) will swear by it - while the thousands who wasted their money buying it will just forget about it altogether.

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