Sunday, October 01, 2006

Health Declarations, Resolutions, Charters, Programmes, Platforms, UN - Healthy Documents

Health Declarations, Resolutions, Charters, Programmes, Platforms, UN - Healthy Documents: "We therefore presented a draft compilation, Healthy Documents: a sourcebook of important documents and instruments that impact on peoples’ health, at the international People’s Health Assembly at Savar, and sought the views of some key participants - health activists, health professionals and practitioners, teachers, policy makers, UN officials and also officials from the government health departments and ministries. Their response has been overwhelming and we have tried to incorporate appropriate suggestions and comments before finalising this publication.
The finalised Healthy Documents contains resolutions, declarations and charters on health made at international meetings and also related UN instruments, such as international covenants, programmes and platforms of action which support these declarations. The declarations and UN instruments are arranged in seven categories: 1) Medical Ethics, 2) Health Rights, 3) Public health, 4) Health and Social Development, 5) Nutrition, 6) Children’s Health, and 7) Women’s Health."
This is an interesting collection. Of course, most of it is still words, but there is always hope for the future !

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