Monday, October 02, 2006

Incentivising and enticing patients to take better care of themselves !

Incentivising and enticing patients to take better care of themselves !: "How MedEncentive Works – The MedEncentive process is initiated in two fashions, 1) when a doctor accesses MedEncentive’s fast and easy to use Website during a patient encounter (“Point-of-Service Initiation” version or “POSI™”) or 2) by a doctor’s normal insurance claim filing process (“Claim Initiation” version). With the POSI™ version, the doctor enters the patient’s diagnosis(es) and MedEncentive supplies an EBM decision-tree treatment guideline (Figures 2). With the Claim Initiated Version, MedEncentive captures affected physician services from a submitted claim and sends an e-mail notification back to the doctor that contains the guideline. The doctor responds by answering three simple questions: “Are you following this guideline in the treatment of this patient?”, “Do you wish to prescribe information therapy to this patient?” and “How do rate this patient’s compliance to recommended care for this diagnosis?” The doctor’s appropriate responses to these questions affect an automatic increase in reimbursement and send an information therapy prescription to the patient through MedEncentive (Figure 3).
The patient receives their doctor-initiated information therapy prescription by mail (Figure 3) or e-mail from MedEncentive or from their doctor in his/her office in the case of the POSI™ version. This letter or e-mail directs them to MedEncentive’s patient Website (Figure 4). There the patient is asked to read evidence-based medical content (Figure 5) and answer a series of questions (Figure 6). These questions are designed to accomplish four objectives, 1) test the patient’s understanding of their condition, 2) determine and/or have the patient declare their adherence to recommended treatment, 3) seek their impression of their doctor’s care relative to recommended care, and 4) allow the patient to authorize the release of the physician’s rating of their compliance (which, in effect, causes the patient to contemplate whether their physician’s rating of their compliance will coincide with their own compliance declaration). As the patient answers these questions, they score points toward a financial reward or rebate of their out-of-pocket medical expenses (Figure 7). The patient’s score is automatically forwarded to their health plan who affects the rebate. The patient’s actual responses are forwarded to their doctor to support subsequent care and to create another check and balance. "
This is a clever win-win situation !

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