Thursday, October 26, 2006

What a great way to teach ( and learn ) surgery !

What a great way to teach ( and learn ) surgery !: "The primary audience for the Vesalius website is the emerging generation of physicians, or more specifically, the medical students, resident physicians, and practicing MDs who are currently engaged in the somewhat overwhelming process of medical education. Within this community of physicians-in-training, Vesalius focuses primarily on those interested in surgery and surgical anatomy.
In a sense, today's medical students and residents represent the first of the 'Internet generation' of physicians, since most of them (and essentially all of their successors) will have undertaken their medical education during a period when the Internet has emerged as a ubiquitous and comprehensive information resource.

By providing detailed narratives on surgical procedures and anatomy, as well as access to over 11,000 medical images and videos, Vesalius attracts the generation of students and young physicians that turns to the Internet first for practically any information – whether it's the review of a new movie, the latest weather forecast, or an explanation of an emerging surgical technique.

The Clinical Folios are a collection of graphical educational narratives on surgical anatomy and procedures designed for online reference and study. Unless otherwise noted, all Vesalius narratives and discussions are written by medical professionals. Content in the Vesalius Clinical Folios is arranged by topic and presented under five headings: Narratives, Discussions, Thumbnails, Transparencies, and Exercises."

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