Monday, November 13, 2006

24/7 access to medical records from your mobile - the doctor's dream !

24/7 access to medical records from your mobile - the doctor's dream ! :

"The Scenario.
You just got out of the office, you've sat down at the table of your favorite restaurant and ordered your meal. Your pager goes off. One of your patients has been admitted to the ER and they need a decision from you, now. Lucky for you, you've been using the Life Record EMR, and have access to EMRAnywhere. You pull out your SmartPhone and promptly log in to your Life Record LivePractice EMR via EMRAnywhere. Within seconds you have the answer you need. Luckily the patient is having a minor allergic reaction and can be treated easily. You use EMRAnywhere to write a prescription from your phone which is instantly transmitted to the pharmacy via LivePrescribe, the free e-prescribing system for the Life Record EMR. Just as you finish writing the prescription, your salad arrives and you enjoy the rest of your evening.

The Solution.
It sounds like something out of a futuristic movie, but it's here - today. The Life Record EMR is a web enabled application, which makes it incredibly easy to access from almost anywhere. When combined with the Life Record LivePractice Edition utilizing EMRAnywhere technology, it puts your entire patient database in the palm of your hand. "

One day, all doctors will be able to do this routinely !

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