Monday, November 06, 2006

"Smart" medical debit cards on the rise

"Smart" medical debit cards on the rise :" New research is predicting that with the growth in consumer-driven health plans, the industry will come to rely on 'smart' debit cards linking clinical data, health plan coverage/eligibility information and personal identity details. The study, conducted by HealthLeaders/Interstudy, predicts that in time, a single card will have access to a consumer's bank, payor and provider systems. In this world, it will be possible for a consumer to see a provider, get benefits verified, a claim adjudicated and the payment debited from their health savings account. This could transform provider collection cycles from a months-long nightmare into an instant transaction, researchers noted."

It would be much more useful if they would also add a PHR to the smart card, so that it could be used for storing and accessing medical information, rather than for financial transactions only.

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