Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cardiologists stand by stents: FierceHealthcare

Cardiologists stand by stents: FierceHealthcare: " Recently there have been reports that blood clots can form within drug-coated stents designed to keep arteries clear. But cardiologists at the Transcather Cardiovascular Therapeutics show say patients are 'far more are being killed each year by the failure of doctors to promptly clear coronary arteries and install stents when patients arrive at a hospital during a heart attack.' Experts say that many studies have proven the superiority of stents to clot-busting drugs, and that the risk of an adverse reaction to the stent is small in comparison to the risk of foregoing the treatment. One problem is that often, smaller hospitals don't have a cardiologist on hand who's trained to handle stents. Experts say that if a patient is sent to a hospital that doesn't perform the procedure, they should be immediately transferred to another institution that does."

Obviously this is what you'd expect cardiologists to say ! After all, this is a question of their "bread and butter" !

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