Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Producing photonovels for health education

Producing photonovels for health education " The provision of popular reading material poses a problem for literacy and adult
education programs around the world: how to produce an adequate amount of mature, interesting relevant reading material for adults to stimulate and support their reading habit? Several practitioners1 have found that dramatic stories hold the most interest for the adult reader and
recommend this type of literature for the new reader. Along with the question of interest is the question of which graphic depiction best supports a text for adults who have a low vocabulary. Photographs have been cited as an appropriate choice for adults who often have a problem with perspective in an artist's drawings. Both findings point to a need to explore the possibilities of photographically integrated supported literature, i.e., literature with a plot which uses photographs to depict the story."

Here's an excellent "how-to" manual. Using digital cameras and publishing these materials on the web will allow many more students to produce health educational materials !

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