Monday, November 06, 2006

Andy Grove and the PHR - KISS !

Andy Grove and the PHR - KISS !: "Specifically, Mr. Grove is a big fan of low-cost, walk-in clinics, the sort beginning to appear in stores like Wal-Mart. He says they provide basic medical care for the uninsured, and also take some strain off of America's overloaded emergency rooms. But one thing missing from this emerging clinic infrastructure is a good system of medical record-keeping.

Mr. Grove, naturally, thinks technology can help. But rather than designing an elaborate and technically sophisticated medical-database system, something virtually every tech company is now trying to do, Mr. Grove suggests the exact opposite. Shift left; keep the record of a patient's visit in, for example, a generic but Web-accessible word-processing file.

Just like the early PC, it will be far from ideal, but it will be a start, and it can get better over time. The alternative, he says, is to wait endlessly for a perfect technology.

Students of business history will recognize the idea of a plain-vanilla medical record as an example of a 'disruptive technology,' which is initially opposed by powerful incumbents with a vested economic interest in shifting ever-rightward."

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