Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Running on Empty: Healthcare

Running on Empty: Healthcare : "Worse, healthcare is 1/7th of the economy and 1/11th of its job market. If this sector develops a large demand-resource mismatch and becomes financially unstable, the disruptions could cascade to and destabilize others sectors, threatening the national economic security.

A theory of limits applies here. In a voluntary market, healthcare purchasers--employers or taxpayers--will tolerate only so much cost growth. Then they'll recede. It is preposterous to believe the well won't run dry.

The only option for meaningful change, then, lies in leadership from non-healthcare business, which stands to suffer from the tidal wave of healthcare's turmoil. Good reason for them to mobilize and act."

It's a difficult balance - especially because healthcare is such a sensitive issue and affects all of us !

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