Thursday, November 16, 2006

Backlash at bills for medical mistakes | Chicago Tribune

Backlash at bills for medical mistakes : " If you go to a restaurant and get a bad meal you probably won't have to pay for it. And lemon laws allow consumers who buy cars that never work right to get their money back.

But in health care there is no tradition of rebates--even when a hospital surgical team leaves a sponge in a patient's chest cavity after open-heart surgery, or when a mix-up of a patient's medication causes a prolonged illness, employers and insurers say.

Tired of paying for botched medical-care procedures and low-quality medical care, some of the nation's largest businesses Wednesday called on U.S. hospitals to agree to apologize and waive costs related to 'never' events--medical errors these employers say should never happen."

Pay for performaance - and no-pay for non-performance !

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