Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Issues in infertility: finding out what the public think

Issues in infertility: finding out what the public think: " Issues surrounding infertility and reproductive medicine are rarely out of the news - delaying motherhood, egg and sperm donation, embryo testing and access to fertility treatment, to name just a few. But the published opinions triggered by this extensive media coverage have tended to be those of a select few doctors, scientists, patient representatives and pressure groups. To date, there has been no concerted effort to find out what most people think about these often controversial topics - even public consultations tend to trigger responses from stakeholders and those with a particular interest in the subject.

In an attempt to address this gap, the UK charity Progress Educational Trust (PET) recently commissioned a survey to measure public opinion on a wide range of these issues. Over 4,000 people responded to the 70-question survey, which was conducted by YouGov, and the results were released last week. They reveal many interesting, and sometimes surprising, findings. "

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