Monday, November 27, 2006

Use of Mobile and Wireless Technology Jumps in Hospitals :: Bio-IT World

Use of Mobile and Wireless Technology Jumps in Hospitals :: Bio-IT World: "Even though adoption of electronic health records (EHR) and other clinical IT remains fairly anemic, at least one aspect of health-IT has taken giant steps forward in the last few years: the use of mobile and wireless technology where choices are proliferating.

"Now everyone is looking at the shiny, new devices that provide those integrated capabilities," Gotsis says. "You try to reach the physician or the clinician wherever they are."

And practitioners want to be reached. "As a neurosurgeon, I'm all over the hospital," Martin says. "I guess I'm the ultimate mobile professional." And he needs more than vmail. Martin needs access to images when consulting on patients in critical care.

An MRI or CT scan viewed on a PDA or smartphone may not be diagnostic-quality for a radiologist, but for a neurosurgeon or other specialist helping to treat life-threatening emergencies, the resolution is just fine, according to Martin. He says that a smartphone screen just happens to be about the size of one square of a 12-image MRI film, which is good enough for him. "

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