Friday, November 10, 2006

Professionalism: TEN common courtesies that count

Professionalism: TEN common courtesies that count : " As physicians, we believe we are “professional”. When you move out of your current domain and begin exploring other fields, keep in mind that professionalism is defined by how well you interact with everyone: peers, supervisors, staff. The common courtesies in human interaction significantly affect both how you are perceived and how effective you will be as a manager or leader.

Here are TEN behaviors that spell professionalism:

1. Keep meetings and appointments
2. Arrive at meetings on time
3. Listen before speaking
4. Ask before telling
5. Return phone calls within 8 hours
6. Reply to email within 24 hours
7. Express your views in a way that would NEVER embarrass another person
8. NEVER use foul language
9. Be brief and to the point
10. Say THANK YOU"

All simple stuff - but we often tend to forget it ! It's useful to be reminded of this eveyr once in a while !

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