Monday, November 13, 2006

Kiosk monitoring station puts health in a box

Kiosk monitoring station puts health in a box: " Virgin Life Care is blending a rewards program and kiosks to lure its subscribers toward healthier lifestyles. The company’s HealthZone health monitoring station features a scale, body fat indicator, blood pressure cuff, and touch screen that let users measure and track their key biometric data on the spot. Part of Virgin Life Care’s HealthMiles, a health rewards program, the stations are placed in offices, health clubs and retail stores.

'As obesity and other preventable health conditions reach epidemic proportions in the U.S., consumers are looking for useful and practical ways to help them take control of their health,” said Stephen Thornton, CEO of Virgin Life Care. “The HealthZone is a convenient and effective vehicle for consumers to self-manage and self-monitor their health and well-being and make informed decisions that will ultimately lead to healthier lifestyles.'"

An adult version of video games to help keep them healthy !

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