Monday, November 20, 2006

Medical Rudeness

Medical Rudeness: "To give medical professionals specific ideas of where to focus their attention, Humphries sought to define what respondents perceive to be the most rude behaviors, the behaviors most admired and appreciated, and people's responses to both.

The most rude behavior reported by seventy-four percent of respondents was being ignored upon arrival by indifferent staff; the second was rudeness on the telephone, and the third was disrespecting people's time with long waits, overbooking, and rushing care.

In addition, the survey asked what behaviors people admire, appreciate, and respect. 68% percent reported a quick, friendly greeting, 62% said, respect and individualized care, and 32% said a helpful staff who will listen. When respondents were treated with respect, 64% percent said they became respectful, appreciative, and cooperative, and 29% would return and tell others."

These are such simple things to do - why don't we all do them all the time ?

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