Saturday, November 11, 2006

Why We Like the Doctors We Like

Why We Like the Doctors We Like: "My point is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a young doctor or an experienced specialist. You can be compassionate or condescending toward your patients. You can take the same amount of time you have with a patient and either make it high quality or hurried and disrespectful. I was so impressed with Dr. Baker that I wrote him a thank you note. I took pains to describe why I liked him and what he did that made me feel good as a patient. I want him to never lose the wonderful way he behaves toward his patients."

It's so heartening to hear about patients who provide positive feedback. Most doctors hear only from patients ( or their lawyers) who are unhappy or dissatisfied. Any patient who writes such a Thank You note to their doctor will get even better medical care - it's a smart thing to do . Doctors are human, too - and respond to positive strokes, like all of us !

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