Saturday, November 11, 2006

Study: more Americans use Internet for healthcare info

Study: more Americans use Internet for healthcare info: "Mark Bard, president of Manhattan Research, said the results represent “a significant increase” in visits to health plan sites over a relatively short amount of time. “Health plans have succeeded in getting consumers to view their portals,” Bard said. “When you talk about giving people more control over their healthcare decisions, technology is critical in making this happen.” Nearly 45 million consumers reported visiting their health insurance company’s website in the past 12 months—double the number from two years ago, according to Erica Alexander, director of marketing and client services at Manhattan Research."

Websites are one of the best ways by which health insurance companies can reach out to their customers. Not only can they help them with business operations ( for example, customers can renew their policies online); they can also be used to provide health information and patient education on a proactive basis, to help their customers remain healthy. This would help insurance companies to cut down their medical claim payouts. It's a great ROI - yet few companies in India have bothered to use the technology. It's a great opportunity, waiting to be tapped !

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