Thursday, September 13, 2007

Indian corporates invest in employee wellness

Indian corporates invest in employee wellness : "The survey notes that companies are aware of how employee sickness affects their bottomlines. To mitigate some of the cost, two-thirds of respondent firms have introduced preventive healthcare as part of their corporate governance strategy. However, less than one-third make provision for the whole range of preventive healthcare measures for their staff. Many of them feel providing health insurance is good enough. The report also suggests a well-designed employee wellness programme by companies could lead to 25% reduction in their health-plan costs, sick leave, disability pay and workers compensation. Reducing just one health risk increases an employee's on-the-job productivity by 9% and cuts absenteeism by 2%. The report sums up with some suggestions both for the government and India Inc. These include conducting a health audit of all employees at regular intervals, introduction of preventive healthcare benefits and vouchers."

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