Thursday, September 27, 2007

Retro Medicine: Doctors Making House Calls (for a Price) - New York Times

Retro Medicine: Doctors Making House Calls (for a Price) - New York Times: "Some doctors are doing things like taking only house-call appointments or operating “micropractices” in which they work without front-office staff and nurses and see their patients in a smaller one-room office, Dr. Kellerman said. When making house calls, “you get paid,” said Dr. Steven Meed, one of eight New York physicians working for Sickday Medical House Calls, which started last year and serves patients in Manhattan. “The paperwork overhead is kept at a minimum, the fee is fixed and it’s not going to be reduced.”"


  1. I think with the help of doctor house calls it would be easy for everyone of going to a doctor for a check up, with the help of the doctor house calls everyone can be benefited for that.

  2. With wireless communication becoming popularized in every field, calling a doctor is the preferred method of medical advice. What was once a thing of the past has become modernized and restored through modern society. It's actually quite amazing how some things come full-circle like that.


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