Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Video with Techniques for Effective Patient Self-Management - CHCF.org

Video with Techniques for Effective Patient Self-Management - CHCF.org: "Video with Techniques for Effective Patient Self-Management August 2006 Evidence is growing that indicates as much as 90% of the care needed to manage a chronic disease must come directly from the patient. These important self-management interventions, such as self-monitoring and healthy lifestyle changes, lead not only to improved health, but also to increased patient satisfaction and reductions in hospital and emergency room costs. From physicians to nursing assistants, health care providers play a critical role in supporting patient self-management. However, this can be difficult for primary care practices, particularly if providers are unfamiliar with behavior change strategies. Patient self-management also fundamentally challenges the traditional authority of providers and transforms the patient-provider relationship into a collaborative partnership. To support health care providers in promoting patient self-management, CHCF has produced a short training video called 'Techniques for Effective Patient Self-Management.' The 33-minute presentation provides strategies and tools that busy clinicians can use to help patients adopt healthy behaviors. Featured techniques are based on the principles of motivational interviewing and provide a sampling of how to effectively support patients. While this may seem challenging at first, providers can impleme"

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