Thursday, September 27, 2007

Help Patients Remember Instructions With The “Teach Back” Method

Help Patients Remember Instructions With The “Teach Back” Method : "The “Teach Back” Method is simply asking patients to repeat back in their own words what they need to do when they leave the office. This method allows you to check your patient’s perception and understanding of your medical instructions.

* You do not want your patients to view the Teach Back task as a test, but rather of how well you explained the concept. You can place the responsibility on yourself by using this suggested language:

* “I want to be sure that I did a good job explaining your blood pressure medications, because this can be confusing. Can you tell me what changes we decided to make and how you will now take the medications?”

* If your patient is not able to repeat back the information accurately, you should try to re-phrase the information, rather than just repeat it. Then, ask the patient to repeat back the instructions again until you feel comfortable that the patient really understands the information."

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