Thursday, September 27, 2007

Health Literacy Solutions

Health Literacy Solutions: "Health Literacy - Not That Easy to Spot! Patients will tell you what hurts. They will tell you they need help and want medicine. They will not tell you if they cannot read. It's not easy to spot low literacy, but there are clues, if you are aware and if you ask the right questions. If your patients can't read, and you are giving them written discharge instructions, or booklets about their condition, or writing instructions to go on the medication label - a good outcome is not forthcoming. In fact, they cannot fully comply if they cannot read, understand and utilize health information, the definition of health literacy. Today, nearly one out of three in the US read at basic or below basic levels, not enough to be considered functional for today's society. And the elderly are also part of the poor health literacy picture, as their cognition, memory, hearing or sight problems may compromise reading levels. According to a recent NCES study, fewer than 1 in 8 (12% ) American adults are proficient in health literacy skills."

Imagine how much worse the situation is in India !

HELP is now working to develop original graphic-based solutions to educate low-literacy patients about their health problems.

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