Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Email In Your Practice - Thinking Outside Of The Box

Email In Your Practice - Thinking Outside Of The Box: "* You’ll have better time control. Instead of answering the phone and turning a 3 minute explanation into a 25 minute conversation, with email you’ll be able to deliver the relevant information to the patient and save loads of time. Physicians would be better off to phase out phone consults altogether. Times are a changin’. “It’s like taking a phone call at your leisure. I almost never talk to patients on the phone. I find when I do, it’s like an office visit, it’s like 20 minutes,” she said. “I will do the e-mail with them because I can control how much time I spend on it, and I can control when.” * Documentation will be on easy mode. A phone call is difficult to log. Physicians still have to manually write notes and keep track of the conversation. With email, physicians can either a) print out the entire conversation and place it in the patient’s chart or b) save the email and place it on the patient’s electronic chart. More time saved. Seizing Opportunity So far, physicians have been reluctant to begin offering email to patients across the board due to the lack of reimbursement. There are some payment models currently"

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