Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Five must-do's when a loved one is ill -

Five must-do's when a loved one is ill - "Rule No. 5: Scope out the nurses Suzanne Atryzek said it's crucial to befriend the smartest, most helpful nurses early on. 'Nurses will guide you,' she said. 'Nurses are where it's at.' Atryzek said late one night, a doctor came into her daughter's room and reported that recent blood test results could mean Molly's cancer was getting worse. Atryzek said she broke down in tears. 'But then I went and found a wonderful, smart, smart nurse and got her to explain it to me,' she said. The nurse reassured her and the next morning, the doctor confirmed that the tests were not bad news. Of course, with all this advocating, it's possible to get on the wrong side of the hospital staff. Atryzek said she periodically checks in with the nurses -- and so far, so good. 'They said, 'They're not talking about you in the lunchroom yet, and believe me, they talk about parents in the lunchroom.' ' advertisement Another tactic:gifts. 'It doesn't hurt to take candy to the nurses,' Garrett said. 'Call it a bribe if you want to, but they're human beings. If you bring them candy, it may help them do something extra for your loved one.'"

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