Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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» Healthcare, search and monetization » business|bytes|genes|molecules: "Healthcare, search and monetization Published 1 day, 2 hours ago in Business, Healthcare, Life Science and Search. Last night I had an interesting conversation about healthcare and search. I was surrounded by a bunch of search gurusthos, and someone mentioned that the searches that provided the maximum advertising revenue, at least based on his analysis, were healthcare related, e.g. those related to a specific disease. That got me thinking about consumer-focused search in the life sciences, specifically for healthcare. Assumption. Contextual advertising works, especially if the advertising is relevant and non-intrusive Taking that assumption into mind, and assuming that highly targeted and relevant ads can be served, is it any wonder than search companies are interested in healthcare? I have always thought that if there was one place where someone was likely to click on an ad, it would be one related to a treatment for a particular disease or condition. It would seem that current ad clicking patterns bear that out (I wonder if there is a study somewhere. I couldn’t find any). The follow up question I have is this; what if you could take the ads served to include disease mechanisms and molecular level information. Would that drive any ad revenue?"

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