Sunday, September 23, 2007 for doctors - for doctors - "Patient-Centered Medicine, where you concentrate more on how the patient feels about things.

The PCM acronym I like is : FIFE.

F = FEELINGS related to the illness, especially fears What are you most concerned about? Do you have any specific fears or worries right now? I imagine you have had many different feelings as you have coped with this illness. Sometimes people have fears that they keep to themselves and don't tell their doctor.

I = IDEAS and explanations of the cause What do you think might be going on? What do you think this pain means? Do you have ideas about what might have caused this illness?

F = FUNCTIONING, the illness' impact on daily life How has your illness affected you day to day? What have you had to give up because of your illness? What goals do you have now in your life? How has your illness affected your goals? How does this illness affect important people in your life?

E = EXPECTATIONS of the doctor & the illness What do you expect or hope I can do for you today? Do you have expectations about how doctors can help? What do"

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