Monday, September 10, 2007

How to Get a Copy of Your Medical Records

How to Get a Copy of Your Medical Records.


Get a list of all medical providers that you would like medical records from.
Write out a medical release stating that you would like your records released to you and you alone. Leave blanks for the information in #3
In your letter specify the effective dates. I would make this at least one month no more than 2 months. This will give the office plenty of time to get you the records together. Specify the medical providers name, address, your name, address, medical record number ( you can get this from the staff) any identiffication numbers i.e. Social security number or insurance ID#.
Call each office and ask them how much they will charge you for a copy of your records. Most offices will charge you for this service. They will never allow you to take your records and copy them yourself.
Ask each office when you could reasonably expect the copies to be ready for pickup and set a date with them.
On the specified date take in your medical release and a check for the full amount of the copies.


Keep in mind that if you want true copies of any films i.e. X-rays, MRI,etc this will cost more.
You could hire a copy service to do this and many medical offices require you to use one when getting your records. This option can be very costly.
Be specific about what you want. Do you want billing information included? Do you want the providers handwritten notes? The providers typed reports?
If you have had the provider for a long period of time it might be cost effective to give them date parameters. So instead of going back 7 years they only go back as far as the information you need.

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