Monday, November 23, 2015

Will an assistant do the consultation ?

I received this email

As we have experienced in other hospitals that the junior Dr's attend the patients on 1st visit. Is it the so in our hospital. We would be grateful if we get your consultation to us as we are travelling from far off place to mumbai.  
This is a common worry which lots of patients have. They travel long distances to get an expert opinion from the senior IVF  consultant, but usually end up being seen by a junior assistant who practises cookbook medicine and uses a checklist mindless protocol to order lots of pointless tests and scans. This can be very frustrating for patients.

This is why we don't have any assistants in our clinic  and I do all the consultations myself. We try to do as much as possible by email to save the patient time and money. Since I answer all my emails myself, this is much more efficient and productive. We feel it's s best for patients to do their tests locally. In case there is a problem, we can fix it before they come to us for their treatment.

This option saves them you time and money, so we can start with the treatment directly when they come to us.

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