Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Doctors need to make their patients the stars on their website

A lot of doctors worry about how they will be able to run their own website. While buying the domain or publishing the website and putting up basic information is easy enough to do, how will they generate content? How will they keep their website new and fresh?

I think there is a simple answer to this. The trick is to make their patients the stars on their website. It's  easier for someone who is visiting a website to identify with someone who is very similar to them, and if the purpose of the doctor's website is to reach out and educate his patients, then getting his own patients to talk on his website is the best way of doing so.

Doctors should use their website as a platform for their patient's voices. This content will allow as an immediate emotional connect with your visitors.  This strategy will allow you to generate lots of fresh content all the time - in local Indian languages. You can ask your patients to talk about their disease and the treatment in their own words. You can interview your patient , and upload this to your site.

You can ask your smart patients what they do when they have a particular problem, so that they can share their wisdom with others. You could even ask them to say nice things about your clinic , so that more patients will seek you out.

One of the most popular sections on our website at www.drmalpani.com is the IVF success stories. These are first hand accounts, which our patients contribute, and they provide a lot of hope and guidance to other infertile couples.

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