Sunday, November 15, 2015

How the web creates enlightened patients !

A patient sent me this email.

     I had a  miscarriage(3.5 months) during last pregnancy. Now I am pregnant again(1+ month) and my Dr. suggested me ToRCH test. On based of report she started treatment. While reading on your site I found that positive report not means I need treatment..!!
I was so pleased on reading this email ! In the past, all the medical knowledge was  locked up in medical books and journals. Only doctors had access to this, which means that if the patient fell into the hands of an incompetent doctor, they were likely to get poor medical care.

Today, thanks to the internet , patients can do their homework for themselves, and verify whether the advice which their doctor is giving them is right or not. This will help to protect patients from bad doctors - and will make a good doctor's life much easier !

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