Tuesday, November 10, 2015

IVF as the quickest way to having a baby for infertile couples with unexplained infertility

Many infertile couples with unexplained infertility are not sure why IVF would be the best treatment option for them. A lot of them are fixated on the fact that we first need to find out what their medical  problem , is before we can discuss solutions. They believe that it is important to get to the root of their infertility problem if they need to maximize their chances of success with IVF.  While they are OK with doing IVF, their primary hurdle is -  let's first find out why it's not happening in the
bedroom , before considering IVF.

I think this is a flawed approach. For one , our technology for pinpointing fertility problem is not very good. In fact, I believe that identifying problems is something which is best left to researchers in the lab, rather than done doctors in the clinic. After all the purpose of a fertility is to solve problems, not to identify them. The good news is that our technology for bypassing problems is much better than it is for identifying them ! This means we are very good at crafting solutions, rather than being able to identify problems.

This is actually the beauty of IVF - it is a pragmatic solution to a perplexing problem. These are the 3 reasons why IVF is such an effective solution.

For one, it telescopes time , so that rather than have to wait month after month to see if the single embryo created in the bedroom implants or not, because we can transfer 2 blastocysts at one time, we double human reproductive efficiency . Saving infertile couples time is  valuable, because human reproduction is often a hit and miss affair, whether it's being done in the bedroom , or you are doing IVF. And if you buy two lottery tickets , your chances of winning are that much better !

IVF also allows us to select the best embryos, thus improving the odds of implantation. We know that lots of embryos ( whether they are created in the bedroom or in the IVF laboratory ) are genetically abnormal, and will never implant. With IVF, because we can allow them to compete amongst themselves and grow until day 5, we can select the best embryos and discard the slow growing embryos, thus improving the chances of success.

Finally, IVF allows us to optimize the endometrium , so that the chances of implantation are much better. This is especially true when we are transferring frozen thawed embryos. For one, we have already selected the best blastocyst and frozen them, and these are the embryos which have the best potential of becoming a baby. At the same time , because we are able to optimally prepare the endometrium, so that it is receptive, we can maximize the chances of implantation in that single cycle.

IVF makes sense because  it allows us to :
improve endometrial receptivity by preparing the endometrium;
select the best embryos; and
maximize reproductive efficiency , by telescoping putting multiple natural cycles into one cycle.

IVF offer patients with unexplained infertility the chance  to have a baby quickly, so that they can then move on with their lives, with the family which they desire, rather than waste time, either by trying a hit and miss approach in the bedroom, or using less efficient methods such as IUI
( intrauterine insemination) , which have a much lower success rate.

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