Sunday, November 08, 2015

How IVF doctors take patients for a ride

I just received this email from a patient.

Sir, I was reading your blog about how ET performed & read that speculum is used and cervical mucus cleaned before ET. But my wife who gone through the (failed )ET a year ago at a reputed hospital always complains me that the doctor didn't transferred the embryos they faked it and that she didn't gone through any such speculum and cleaning procedures. they team clicked on the light said o.k. and after 2 min turn the light off saying transfer done. My question is that is it possible what my wife saying could be true that they faked it or is there any other procedure you wrote in the blog that is done without speculum and cleaning of mucus.Please guide me urgently.
Emails like this break my heart.

It's sad that IVF doctors don't bother to talk to their patients or provide them with documentation of what they have done.

What's even sadder is that patients don't bother to do any homework or research before going in for such expensive treatment !

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