Saturday, November 28, 2015

What was your embryo quality - the key questions I ask patients after a failed IVF cycle

When I do a consultation for a patient who has failed an IVF cycle elsewhere, I ask them two basic questions:
1.  "Give me your treatment summary", and
2. Show me photos of your embryos. 

This is invaluable information, which allows me to learn from the failed IVF cycle, so I know what to differently the next time, and this improve their chances of having a baby by tailoring the treatment to their needs.

Often, the answer is - "We don't have these details", and "We weren't given any photos".

I ask them "Why?" and the standard answer is, of course, "Because the doctor didn't give them."

Then, when I ask, "Why didn't you ask for this basic medical information?" the response is, "We were not aware that we needed to get these details, and that IVF clinics provide embryo photos. "

I really don't think this is an acceptable answer in this day and age.  When patients are spending so much time, money and energy on doing an IVF cycle, the least they can do before starting such expensive treatment is to do their homework and find out what's involved in an IVF treatment, and what a good IVF clinic does. The internet makes is exceptionally easy to do so, so there's no excuse for such laziness.

The reality is that all good IVF clinics provide embryo photos to document that they've provided high-quality medical care. If your IVF doctor says he does not provide embryo photos, this is a red flag, and you should definitely find another clinic, rather than get stuck with poor-quality treatment, and reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Please make sure you don't make this common error which you will regret later, because you will never be certain as to whether the cycle failed because you received poor medical care.

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  1. Hello doctor! I've been reading your blog it's so helpful!
    How can i contact you ? I had 2 2day embryos transferred on Saturday.... How can i send you the pictures to tell me your opinion ??

    1. Please email me the photos . My email is [email protected]

      Why didn't you do a Day 5 transfer ? This has a higher pregnancy rate



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