Monday, November 09, 2015

Twins are twice as nice ! IVF Success story at Malpani Infertility Clinic

From my childhood I love kids. . By the passing of time everything has changed but love for Kids not changed. We got married in 2009 and decided to have baby after two years. After two years we tried every thing to have a baby but nothing happened. Three years we run one doctor to another doctor. we did every kind of test doctors suggested and all the reports are OK. All the doctors suggested us keep trying. We kept trying but nothing happened. At that stage we lost all kind of hope to have a baby of our own.

My husband was enough strong that time. He always encouraged me to have patience and face the problem but I was totally shattered both physically and mentally. I stopped meeting people, social get together. One day we met  one of our cousin who did IVF treatment in India at Malpani infertility clinic. We get back our hope and fill in the second opinion form of the website of DR. ANIRUDDHA MALPANI. We were surprised that within 12hours DR. replied our mail and asked for only 2test.we sent the test report and he replied with the problem we had and also the solution. doing no delay we went to DR. Malpani infertility clinic and started our treatment.

We completed our treatment without any problem because the staff of the hospital were so cordial and helping that we always feel at home there. Specially DR ANIRUDDHA Malpani. when we met him we did not feel for a single time that we were meeting with a doctor. He was so friendly and easy going that we shared our all kind of problem with him .we were very worried to stay in a hotel but they solved our problem arranging accommodation at Janki nursing home. We stayed there in a homely environment . after completing treatment we get back home with two fetus in my womb. Last month I became the mother of two baby boy. Thanks to DR Malpani sir who always stayed with us in the whole journey of my pregnancy. thanks to his stuff to help us in every way specially sister Lizzy."

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