Monday, November 30, 2015

Why do doctors abandon a patient after a failed IVF cycle?

Every patient does an IVF cycle with the hope that it's going to work, even if they understand that the chances of failure are higher than the chances of success. In their heart of hearts , they hope that they're going to be the lucky one this particular time, which means that when the cycle fails they often go to pieces. This is the time when they require the most support and hand-holding from their doctor, but typically this is the time when the doctor abandons them. The senior doctor is never available for a consultation, and no one is willing to talk to them or explain to them what went right; what went wrong; what they learned from the cycle ; and what they can do differently can do next time.

Patients resent this. They feel cheated because they feel that the doctor just wanted to extract money from them, and now that they have paid their fees, he is no longer interested in them.

It's easy to understand why IVF doctors don't want to talk to the failures. It's no fun having to console a patient who's crying , or who's asking a lot of tough questions. This can be quite embarrassing and uncomfortable for the doctor, because often the patient blames the IVF doctor for the failure. This is especially true when the patient has not been properly counselled; or when most of the treatment has been delegated to assistants and juniors.

The reality is that this is the time when the patient needs the doctor the most. This is when the doctor should step up and proactively reach out to patients , to help counsel and guide them in their darkest hour.

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