Friday, November 06, 2015

Where's the health in today's Indian health insurance policies ?

Health insurers need to start making better use of their call centers to start engaging with their customers, to educate them about their health. They will need to begin by providing all their policy holders with generic wellness messages ( for example, on stress management, or weight reduction). These will have to be done digitally ( for example, by email or whatsapp or sms), every week, so that the channel between the insurer and the customer remains wide open, and customers start thinking of their health insurers as being their health advocates. This way, whenever they fall ill ( whether this is a fever or a back ache or abnormal uterine bleeding ) they will at least think of reaching out to the insurer and asking for help - even before they go their doctor. The fact that the insurer's call center is available 24/7, can be very reassuring for someone who is ill !

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