Thursday, November 12, 2015

Good IVF doctors don't pressurise patients into making decisions

I just got this email from a patient.
Need your advice .we have gone through 2 ivf's negative in result. We are planning to go through donor eggs this time. my menstrual date was on 12 th of october. we met our doctor and she told if you guys re going for donor she suggested us to take NOVELON 7.5 mg daily in order to supress the ovaries for 18 days and told us to come back on 19th day to have lupride injection.I missed one of the tablet and i got my period on 8th of this month . when we went to clinic she suggested me to take lupride which costed me 4000 on the same day. then for four days the period is scanty however it continued till today. iam in total confusion. is this is the right procedure? we have not choosen the donors yet and the doctor is in real hurry to get selection for the donor eggs. i dont want to be in rush as i experienced 2 negative iv'f last year. and this month they have done hysteroscopy . i will be able to send you the hysteroscopy scanned copy. she told endometrium is little thickened, and have small polyps which they have scrapped in hysteroscopy. iam little scared to go for this cycle for ivf as we have not finalised donor eggs also. please suggest me in this reagard.
It's very easy for IVF doctors to pressurise patients into making a decision . Infertile couples are desperate and they want a baby right now. They will do anything to get pregnant, and many will blindly obey their IVF doctor .

However, not all doctors are good, and many will take undue advantage of their patient's gullibility. They will exploit the patient's ignorance and pressurie them into making a decision they are not comfortable with . This can backfire, and can result in long-term unhappiness - especially when it comes to sensitive issues such as using donor eggs.

No good IVF doctor will every put pressure on a patient. Anyone who does so is a bad doctor, be definition. IVF treatment is elective, and patients need to listen to their heart and their soul, before making such a huge  decision. Good doctors understand this, and will give the couple as much time as they need to make the decision which is right for them.

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