Thursday, April 24, 2008

What is Patient Centered Care?

What is Patient Centered Care?: " Each day I prepare myself for work by playing the same CD in my head over and over again. “What if it was your mother, your wife, your daughter or son? How would YOU personally want to be treated? What is it about a particular facility that makes you uneasy?”

For the past 19 years, our mission in life has been to create an environment of care that provides a loving, nurturing feeling for families and their loved ones. It has been to provide a center of excellence that addresses not only the need to be competent, but also the need to be human.

It has been my goal to create a truly healing environment where patients have an opportunity to take part in their care and to make decisions about the type of care they receive. It has been about creating a place where Care Partners provide support for their loved ones and where they can actually participate in their loved one’s care. "

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