Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Physician Empowerment Movement - www.healthleadersmedia.com

The Physician Empowerment Movement - www.healthleadersmedia.com: "Physicians are central in determining health access, coverage, and reform. After all, physicians are the primary professionals licensed to practice medicine and deliver care. Yet physician voices remain curiously muted. Pundits, politicians, employers, health plans, and health-firm executives dominate the discourse about healthcare change.

For various reasons, including the feeling that the deck is stacked against them by government, health plans, and others, physicians are collectively mobilizing, uniting, expressing, and empowering themselves. This empowerment is partly due to a sense of outrage at current practice conditions, system inequities for patients, and a desire to improve care. Physician shortages, the demand for more physician access, the laws of physician supply and demand, emboldened physician organizations, and social networking physician Web sites contribute to this new sense of physician empowerment."

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