Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Informed Patient -- DeMaria 51 (15): 1505 -- Journal of the American College of Cardiology

The Informed Patient -- DeMaria 51 (15): 1505 -- Journal of the American College of Cardiology: "It is now abundantly clear that the transmission of medical information to the public is of great importance to physicians. Patients seek this information; it can be of value to them in choosing healthy lifestyles and it can affect medical decisions. It is important, therefore, that the information be accurate, unbiased, and understandable. As is true of so many health-related things, we physicians are in the best position to oversee this transmission of information and to ensure that it is done optimally. The ACC has already taken a proactive step in this direction in initiating CardioSmart, a Web site that will be of great value to our patients and to ourselves as we advise them. It will be of increasing importance for physicians to stay abreast of what is being presented to our patients so that we can reinforce the accurate information, rebut any that is erroneous, and interpret that which is equivocal. I’m afraid that Reader’s Digest may soon be as important to read as JACC for cardiovascular specialists."

Reader's Digest is a lot more readable and far more interesting ! I am sure JACC can learn from the RD editors as to how to present their matter more entertainingly !

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