Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ten Myths About Doctors And What You Can Do To Dispel Them

Ten Myths About Doctors And What You Can Do To Dispel Them: "Ten Myths About Doctors; and What You Can Do to Dispel Them is written for every man, woman and child who has ever been given little or no information regarding his or her medical situation and has no idea where to turn for help and how to obtain it. Information is also given on how to get healthcare providers to treat you, the patient, as a unique individual and not just the 'gallbladder' or 'arthritis' patient. The author has been there and speaks with experience and authority in these matters. She is a survivor (and an overcomer) herself and hopes to remain one with the knowledge she has learned and now imparts from this book.

Ten Myths About Doctors tells the reader about the most glaring myths concerning doctors that our society has set up and in most cases accepts because the doctor 'knows best.' What is found between the pages will help the reader learn what his rights are as a patient, how better to work with his healthcare providers, and to know what he or she can do to change and dispel these societal myths. Appropriate quotations are included in each myth chapter."

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