Monday, April 21, 2008

Test tube baby tourists - and why they come to India from the UK


  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Economical concerns of surrogacy in India


    The industry of infant trade, ie baby farming, is not bringing money in to the hands of poor . The compensation they get is very less compared not only to the international standards, even under Indian standards. But the economic compulsion makes them to take this rute.This can be solved if the visiting rights of the surrogate mother is made un swappable to any amount of money , and the practice is stringently followed

    The woman gets around Rs. 3lakhs for making a baby.

    Days involved in making a baby =About 276

    Days for tests = A month =30 days.

    It is better to have rest period of at least 60 days after the child birh.

    Totally 366 days of work to bring a child into the world.

    This work is a continuous 24 hours a day .

    So in a single day woman works three shifts at least.

    No holidays through ought the work period .when we calculate the holidays and lunch breaks during work
    3 hours of lunch break every day ( woman works for 3 shifts)
    this 3 hours should be multiplied with days

    3*366 =1098 hours that means about 84 days of work

    Add this to the 366 days calculated earlier 366+84= 450 days of work.

    Then the compensation for general holidays Sundays etc work out to be another 70 days
    Totally it will be a continuous work of 520 days. Now a days no farm worker doing laborious tasks work more than 6 hours a day . ( I am in management sector of farm industry so I know the inner work schedule ) To equate the work of child farming with the farm industry Multiply the 520 days of work with 24 hours a day and divide it by 6 hours then

    520*24/6 =2080 day of work.
    The woman gets 3 lakhs then her daily wages will be
    3,00,000 /2080 =144.23

    Rs 144.23 is comparable with the minimum pay prescribed the govt. of India , but work is not comparable for any other works.

    This is just for work no emotional attachment / concerns etc. The farm work commonly does not have any life threatening conditions like pregnancy. If the woman has to have a C section , life threatening consequences etc are not at all paid. Is is not a form of exploitation?
    There are every chance of woman being emotional or physical wreck but who is going to pay for it ?
    Where is the compensation for the emotional trauma she has to undergo for the rest of her life?

    In our so called International baby farms after contracting the woman they keep them in houses along with other such women food and T.V entertainment provided and call as
    motherly care.
    This is just prevent them eating something undesirable , to get them away from having abortion, Or just prevent them from running away. Is it not cruelty against humanity?

    In olden days even the slaves were fed and provided shelter.

  2. surrogation in India:
    in India people are getting very less compensation for their service .they are not getting amount as per international standards but this helping poor people a lot because they are not able to earn this much amount in whole life


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