Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quest Diagnostics to Support Google’s New Online Health Initiative | HealthNEWS. Direct!

Quest Diagnostics to Support Google’s New Online Health Initiative | HealthNEWS. Direct!: "Mountain View, CA based Google Inc., an American public corporation that provides services and technology to organize and access information, has collaborated with Madison, NJ based Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, a leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services, to help patients access their diagnostic laboratory data through Google’s online personal health record platform, Google Health.

MedPlus solution’s Care360™, a patient-centric physician electronic network, will serve as a platform to securely transfer patient diagnostic and laboratory data onto the Google Health portal, Google’s new offering, created to enable patients manage and control their personal health information through a 24/7 secure access to an efficient online medical record system. More than 100,000 physicians employ the Care360 suite of products to access online diagnostic test results, share clinical information, and perform electronic medication prescribing and ordering of lab tests. Through this collaboration Quest diagnostics would develop solutions that allow these physicians to securely transfer current and historical laboratory information into the patient’s Google Health account and provide an overview of test results to explain their health status."

These innvoations will change the entire healthcare ecosystem !

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