Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Informed Patient- The Clinician's Pledge

The Informed Patient-The Clinician's Pledge : " I want you to be an informed patient.

This means that I or one of my colleagues will:

1. Involve you in decisions about your care, and respect your preferences. This means I will listen to you and do what I have promised.
2. Ensure that you are treated with dignity and respect.
3. Be honest with you about your management options and the evidence supporting them and make sure you understand them.
4. Keep you fully informed about what is happening with your care.
5. Provide you with written information about your diagnosis, treatment and what will happen at each stage and, if applicable, support you in your self-management strategies.
6. Ensure you have access to information about the quality of care and waiting times to help you make informed choices.
7. Copy you in on all correspondence with other people involved in your care.
8. Put you in touch with other patients or groups who can provide support.
9. Respond to your messages/queries within an agreed timeframe.
10. Respect your wishes on how we will involve your family.
11. Seek out and respect your preferences on end of life care if necessary.

This agreement requires that you as a patient/patient representative/carer be honest and open with the treatment team."

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