Saturday, December 29, 2007

Welcome to MedApps and Telemedicine 2.0

Welcome to MedApps and Telemedicine 2.0: "MedApps™ offers a complete system designed specifically to connect people with their healthcare providers by integrating:

• FDA Cleared Devices (internal and external)
• Cell Phone (acting as a “Hub”)
• Bluetooth® (“wireless”)
• Enterprise Level Interactive Voice Response
• Intelligent Call Routing
• Nurse/Agent Awareness

The result is a truly ubiquitous healthcare solution (“Healthcare Anywhere”).

MedApps “listens” around the “Body Area Network” monitoring a patients body, providing a more robust picture of the patient’s health, and bridging the gap between patient and healthcare provider.

MedApps encourages a more active lifestyle by integrating invisibly into a patient's daily activities. Accurate, timely readings help stabilize patient conditions, providing the ability for earlier intervention and enabling a patient to control their disease, instead of the disease controlling the patient."

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